Re: Economics of electric buses
  Matthew Geier

Can't tension pole compatible overhead with weights. It's probably tight as
a piano string in the middle of winter.

Nancy is really a guided trolleybus despite being referred to as a tram.
Not all the route is guided, only 60% according to the Wikipedia entry.

At the exit of one of the termini, they appear to have removed a section of
guide rail at some point. From the end of the rail, there is a clear set of
marks in the road showing someone drove off the end of the rail with the
guide wheels still down and then veered towards the footpath. I haven't got
a good look at the other transition points, I expect there will be
multiple sets of marks in the road...

One really noticeable thing was when running as a bus, even with the
'Kassel Curb', the gap between the vehicle and the platform was large. A
wheelchair user would need a bridge plate. At the guided stops the gap was
modern tram-like, with a small gap.
Several stops had no platform at all and no kerb on the street. Step down
to road level.

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