RE: Derailed fixed truck artics.

From what I observed by the coverage, the “experts” were called in – State Rail’s own emergency response team, who are “the best” at this type of job, training for it all the time, using jacks and slides.


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You can't pick a modern tram up with a forklift if you don't want to do more damage to the vehicle. They are simply not designed to be lifted that way. (Large industrial forklifts or telehandlers certainly have the capacity to lift a tram, but the floor pan isn't intended to be load-bearing!)

You could use a crane on the lifting points but you still have to get the modules straight, and the slings have to work around the overhead wires, although an experienced rigger and crane operator would have no real issues working around that.

I believe they eventually got it back using hydraulic jacks and skid plates to push the wheel sets back onto the rails.

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I think I have now caught up with the emails regarding re-railing fixed
truck artics. No doubt someone managed to do the job, else there would
have been more emails about it. However, I can only think that the best
way to do the job would be what you do with toy trains, pick it up and
put it back on the tracks.

Two cranes, one for each half or just a large side loading fork lift, as
used to load containers on some ships.

Obviously in the past, derailments have not been too bad a problem, but
might it be that with cement lorries and fire trucks rampant on the
roads, stronger measures are needed?