Re: Derailed fixed truck artics.
  Mal Rowe

On 19/09/2022 19:41, Matthew Geier wrote:
> You can't pick a modern tram up with a forklift

> I believe they eventually got it back using hydraulic jacks and skid plates to push the wheel sets back onto the rails.

Does anyone know if the Sydney tram operators have an incident response team and if so, what training they undertake?

Melbourne has a very well trained team who do amazing work - including re-railing a tram that has lost a tire and then pushing and towing it on false trucks.

When the first E class was delivered, the team trained on it before it went into service so that they knew how to deal with re-railing etc.

The attached pics shows lifting and traversing jacks at one of those training sessions and in use at Royal Park when a Z lost a tire.

"Back in the old days'" Sunday training consisted of repeatedly de-railing an old W at South Melbourne and putting it back on the rails.

Mal Rowe in a city that keeps the service running

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6001-rerail-practice PrestonWS 4July2013  |  1902W x 1050H  | 627.6 KB |  Photo details
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