Re: Economics of electric buses
  Greg Sutherland

Probably (thanks to PR burying practical facts) few are aware that
Newcastle had to halve the charge rate being applied due to
electromagnetic fields being double the applicable Australian safety

This doubled the charging time and is the reason that dwell times are so
long in Newcastle.  Of course you do not attract passengers when your
dwell times are high.


Thanks Tony, that's an interesting paper and (as you have said in the
past) charging from overhead wires when available and running on stored
energy for short sections of 'no wire' zones make sense.

> One small note: Newcastle uses 'super capacitors' as their primary

> energy storage device.  The trams do have batteries as well but they

> are not the main energy storage device.


> Mal Rowe in a city that just does not notice well designed overhead

> wires ... but does notice grubby looking trams!