Re: Re: Dinner at the Mail Exchange
  Yuri Sos

Good idea

Or set up a Telegram group ( eg something like "TDU Thirstday") and likely participants can join and then one message goes out to all - much more efficient than an individual phone number.

(who is part of multiple Telegram groups and can vouch for their efficacy).
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On 18 September 2022 11:05:57 am Vera Mills gleng20.mills@...> wrote:
> Hello Mal,

> Thank you for letting us know what happened.

> I arrived at the Mail Exchange at 1809 to find a queue had formed and your name was not on the list at the door.

> Perhaps, in the future, an emergency telephone number could be given so that we are able to find out what is going on if there is a late change.

> Thanks.

> Regards,

> Glen Mills