Re: D2 and MM1
  Yuri Sos

Today's pic shows D2.5003 in AOA advertising for "not getting run over" in Royal Parade at what will one day be Grattan Street again.

Of interest is the ongoing construction at this site for the forthcoming Melbourne Metro station of Parkville.

At the bottom of this photo you can see construction of the staircase (and I assume escalators) for access to Parkville station from the Royal Parade entrance of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (pedestrian access to RMH currently just out of shot to left of photo), temporary (?) ambulance access is at centre of lower part of photo.

The Melbourne metro runs east-west directly under Grattan Street at this point, the major part of construction of the station is on the eastern side of Royal Parade under Grattan Street.

I'll post a photo of that from my eagle's nest view tomorrow.
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