Fwd: Ballarat 29
  Mal Rowe

Warren Doubleday is the archivits at Ballarat Tramways Museum.

He has provided the answers below regarding the pic of Ballarat 29 that Andrew Cook sent to TDU:

Noted the comments about Ballarat 29 on tdu. Some more information.

The photo of 29 is by Wal Jack. The Ballarat Tramway Museum holds the negative. On the back on a print, Wal has written:

"No. 29 1st day out after being renumbered from No. 22, Wendouree Parade (Carlton St Loop), 4-11-38."

The man would be checking for hot axle bearings as we still do after a tram's first trip. The box on the tram is still a mystery - cropped image attached - more thoughts welcome. Wal does not mention in his notes on No. 29 of any use as a track cleaner.


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