Re: Fwd: Ballarat 29
  Kevin Taig

Hi Mal, Mick & All,

I am presently going through the MMTB works car drawings.

Some of the early scrubber cars had small tanks of say 150-200 galls perched in a similar position,
with room to allow the crew past to enter the saloon.

On the photo there is something within the truck, & not on the other side as the sun is shining on it.

You can just see a tank on scrubber No.4 on page 70 of Desto City.


From: Mick Duncan
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2022 8:36 PM
Subject: Re: [TramsDownUnder] Fwd: Ballarat 29

Gday All

Probably trying to catch a Ballarat possum

Cheers Mick

On 12/09/2022 9:55 am, Mal Rowe wrote:

Ron Scholten suggests an answer to the question about Ballarat 29 ... and asks another question:


Is he checking the axle box - ‘ hot box ' - & what’s inside the doorway ?

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