Re: Why You Shouldn't Put Light Rail in Tunnels
  Brent Efford

Yes – he makes that point, calling such tunnels as minor parts of an LRT system ’strategic’. Dallas, Portland and San Francisco would all be examples that I have experienced.

He is not quite right re ’tram-train’ however – the characteristic of that ‘flavour’ is light rail sharing infrastructure with a working heavy rail system, Karlsruhe of course being the model. Simply having extensive railway style track out into the suburbs but not shared with regular trains – typical of American LRT systems – is not tram-train.

Brent Efford

On 5/08/2022, at 5:43 PM, TP historyworks@...> wrote:

There can be justification for short tunnels (virtually underpasses) on tram systems in order to bypass intersections or deal with terrain, but if you're going to build long tunnels then, to justify the cost, you'd want the mode that can move most people - trains - running through them.

Tony P

On Friday, 5 August 2022 at 14:29:36 UTC+10brent....@... wrote:
Quite right – the Auckland tunneled 'light rail' will almost certainly never be built anyway – unaffordable, certain to suffer Sydney Metro-level cost blowouts and certain to be cancelled if there is a change of Government to the conservative National Party.

Brent Efford
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Why You Shouldn't Put Light Rail in Tunnels

George Barsky

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