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just the link https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/thirty-years-since-the-daylight-saving-poll-a-new-generation-deserves-its-say-20220217-p59xa5.html

Sun.20.2.22 Metro Twitter
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works?
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works), delayed to March 2022.
Buses replace trains on sections of the Werribee line until the last train of Wed 23 Feb (works).
Buses replace trains Newport - Williamstown until 20.00 (works).
Buses replace trains Sunshine - Sunbury until the last train (works).
Craigieburn line: All trains direct to/from Flinders St all day (works).  From loop stations take a Flinders St train from from 1 to Southern Cross. Note: Service changes apply for Sunbury & Upfield trains during this time.
Pakenham/Cranbournelines: All trains direct to/from Flinders St until 21.00 (works).  From loop stations, take a train from pfm 4 to Richmond.
6.29 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Major outbound delays (equipment faults near Carnegie).
- 7.47 this was posted an hour ago. On the departure signs at each station building having a scrolling warning of the line delays may be a good idea. I'm thinking of this for the first time today as ptv told me I had missed the hour Frankston line so via bus on the Cranbourne line a Oakleigh.  Also the speakers for the driver announcements on this new train are not very clear?
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: All trains will terminate/originate at Caulfield from 21.00 until the last train (works).  Change to/from a Frankston train.

Brisbane’s convict past unearthed during busway excavations. Tony Moore February 20, 2022. 8 comments
A convict-era bounty has been unearthed beneath Adelaide Street, in one of Brisbane’s most significant historical finds.
The team working on the Brisbane Metro busway project has discovered a convict-era hospital, as well as the stairs, walls and foundations of an early penal colony building, plus bottles and coins from the early 19th century.
Excavation work under Adelaide Street reveals a significant part of Brisbane’s 19th century history – a 30-metre-long drystone wall.CREDIT:BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL
The historic site, which was discovered in October last year, could provide a better idea of what Brisbane was like almost 200 years ago.
So far, the archaeological finds include a convict-era hospital building dating back to the mid-1800s, a Lands Office building also from the 1880s, and significant artefacts, including a penny from 1811.
One “drystone” wall – built from large, interlocking stones and possibly almost 190 years old – shows techniques common in Britain, Ireland and the Mediterranean.
Brisbane lord mayor Adrian Schrinner said he was surprised and excited by the extent of the latest archaeological finds.
An aerial shot shows the extent of diggings under Adelaide Street, including an early medical facility and foundations for the original Lands Office. Smaller artefacts, including bottles (right), have also been discovered.
“Uncovering the convict-era medical facility is one of the most significant recent archaeological finds regarding European history in Brisbane,” he said. “Brisbane’s convict past is considered to be of global significance.
“The 30-odd metres of convict-era dry wall discovered helps us learn more about the establishment, evolution, and the pattern of European settlement of early Brisbane as a penal colony.”
The discoveries were unearthed beneath Adelaide Street between North Quay and George Street.
Cr Schrinner said these were the streets of the earliest days of the Brisbane settlement, which began at what was called Queens Wharf Road in 1824. Queens Wharf replaced Kings Wharf in 1825.
Foundation stones of an 1880s building in Adelaide Street.
The oldest-ever discovery from those days was a small, timber, 1824 jetty found in the mud opposite South Bank.
“The works are being undertaken within a highly historic stretch of the city,” Cr Schrinner said. “These were the first streets of Brisbane’s European settlement, and they have the potential to yield archaeological artefacts that tell the story of those earlier times.
“As well as uncovering these historically significant buildings, since major construction on the tunnel started in September last year, we have uncovered other interesting finds, including a juvenile livestock tooth and bone, a lime mortar wall, ceramics and convict-era bricks.”
The archaeological teams are still assessing whether the larger structures - which are still in place - can be removed and how they might impact the busway.
The smaller archaeological pieces have been moved, documented and stored, in accordance with Brisbane’s Archaeological Management Plan. This regulates how items are recorded in place and, if necessary, removed.
“The artefacts are currently in storage. At the completion of the project, and after proper photographic recording and documentation, the more interesting items will be made available for public viewing and interpretation,” Cr Schrinner said.
“Where artefacts have potential state heritage significance, we also report the discovery to the Department of Environment and Science.”
Project archaeologist Angus Crawford of Everick Heritage said the convict-era wall was potentially the oldest drystone wall discovered anywhere in Queensland.
“It’s an incredible discovery. We’re fairly certain it was here by 1840, and it could date back to the 1830s,” he said.
Convict walls and buildings have been discovered beneath Adelaide Street by the Brisbane Metro busway crews.CREDIT:BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL
“The stone is Brisbane Tuff, it would have been quarried from the cliffs at Kangaroo Point and ferried across the river.
“You can see marks in the stone from the picks and chisels that would have been used to extract the stone. It’s a remarkable find.”
Cr Schrinner said the new Adelaide Street tunnel was expected to be completed in 2024.
He said the current Brisbane Metro excavations were linked physically to the city’s original tram network.
Early excavation work began in Adelaide Street in late September, 2021.CREDIT:TONY MOORE
“The Lands Office building was removed for one of Brisbane’s very first tramways,” he said.
Brisbane’s old tram network ran along Adelaide Street, over Victoria Bridge and into southside destinations, including West End’s Orleigh Park.
In March 2011, excavations beneath City Hall also revealed a cobblestone street and parts of a horse stable, then in February 2018, 134-year-old Edison electric light tubes were discovered under William Street during works for the Queen’s Wharf casino.
In June 2020, clothes, pipes, and buildings linked to Brisbane’s original Chinatown in Albert Street were unearthed during Cross River Rail excavation work.
RELATED ARTICLE This photograph shows the slightly-newer timber Queen Wharf (circa 1870s) at Queen's Wharf Road in the mid-1960s. In 2020, all that remains are photographs, William Street's Commissariat Store and the Immigration Building next door. Photo courtesy of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland Queen's Wharf opening a chance to mark 200 years since European arrival
RELATED ARTICLE Old tram tracks exposed in city's heart

Level crossing works to cause pain for Victorian commuters. Sarah Perillo February 20, 2022 Herald Sun
Major works across rail lines, tram routes and freeways will create massive delays for Victorian commuters this autumn.
video: Transurban figures show drop in traffic in first quarter Toll road operator Transurban have released their quarterly numbers and drops in road use show the impact of lockdowns, according to Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood. Transurban’s figures show a 12.4 per cent drop in traffic from 2020 and a 34.5 per cent drop compared with 2019. The decline in traffic is larger in COVID ravaged areas as Transurban’s data shows a 42.9 per cent decrease from 2019 in Sydney and a 45 per cent decrease in Melbourne.
Victorians can expect massive delays this autumn, as the government races to remove 85 level crossings by 2025.
Over the next three months, major works will take place across metropolitan and regional rail lines, tram routes and major freeways including the Monash Freeway, West Gate Freeway and the M80 Ring Road.
Two level crossings will be removed, two new stations will be built and a landmark bridge over the Murray River connecting Echuca and Moama will open to traffic.
The 60th level crossing in Glenroy will be removed in May while the crossing at Hallam is set to go by April.
Construction will also continue at 16 level crossing sites across Melbourne.
Over the next three months, major works will take place across metropolitan and regional rail lines, tram routes and major freeways. Picture: Andrew Henshaw
Buses will replace trains on sections of the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines in March to allow crews to construct the elevated rail bridge and a new station at Hallam.
Buses will also be in operation on the Craigieburn and Seymour lines from late April for 10 days as the rail line is dropped under the road, and the new station is completed at Glenroy.
As work to complete 36 kilometres of new lanes on the Monash Freeway continues, there will be daytime lane closures and overnight closures in place along sections of the freeway between Warrigal Road and Cardinia Road.
In Cranbourne, a two-week construction program will commence from mid-March as roundabouts are replaced with traffic lights to better manage traffic flow between Ballarto and Cranbourne-Frankston roads on Western Port Highway.
In Melbourne’s north, crews will complete 11 months of work in just over eight weeks to remove the Mickleham Road roundabout and one of Craigieburn Road’s worst bottlenecks.
The nearby M80 Ring Road will close Greensborough-bound between Sydney and Edgars roads from next weekend for asphalting as part of upgrade works to add new lanes.
In Melbourne’s west, 70 per cent of the West Gate Freeway widening is now complete. As works continue, Williamstown Road under the the freeway will close in both directions most nights throughout March and early April.
On the tram network, maintenance will take place across four routes. Picture: David Caird
On the freeway, the speed limit will be reduced to 60km/h for 900 metres on the approach to the Williamstown Road inbound exit ramps until the end of 2023. This will ensure works can continue safely as progress steps up around the inbound tunnel entry.
On the tram network, maintenance will take place across four routes including replacing nearly 1400 metres of track along Malvern Road affecting Route 72 trams for two weeks from 30 April.
Malvern Road will close in sections during this time for bridge strengthening works at Malvern and Orrong Roads.
Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll said the project will “support thousands of jobs at a time (the) economy needs it most”.
“We thank passengers and motorists for their patience as we get on with the projects that will deliver faster travel times and more reliable journeys,” Mr Carroll said.
“It will be another massive year with 11 level crossings going for good as we race towards removing 85 level crossings by 2025,” Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan said.
Motorists are asked to plan ahead for local road closures during this time.
For more information about planned disruptions over autumn visit bigbuild.vic.gov.au
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WorkSafe to probe Premier amid bullying claims
City of Melbourne spending big on executives
* Melbourne is one continuous massive construction site. Every project over budget and a year behind. Absolutely no thought process or planning, but just fill the pockets of the construction industry.
* Some of the projects may have some merit.  The problem is that today's engineers can't do anything without major disruptions.  'Management convenience is our top priority'. 
* Gotta keep those cranes in the skies to fool the voters into thinking your actually doing something good for this state.
* It’s Called infrastructure! Keep up the Great Work Dan Andrews!
* Had 2 years to do the level crossings when people weren't going into the city and only now they start.
* Can someone explain to me why Concrete Barriers were installed on the Princes Fwy from the Interchange to Kororoit Creek rd. over 18 months ago BUT not one piece of roadworks has occurred there.  I can tell you what has happen the width reduction of the road has led to daily accidents.  More VicRoads incompetency 
* One massive mess no planning spend, spend and he will get voted back in no wonder people are leaving this once great state
* Big build is just the big traffic jam. Frankston line is an absolute disgrace, mordiallic freeway is gridlock. Stupidity if the Andrews government just keeps happening
* Enough pain already January - February 2022. How much more, you want to inflict on poor Nikos(and the rest of Melbourne)?
* As retirees, we used to love going for a day trip to the city.  No more!  Roadworks are never ending.  Trains are cancelled, running late, or replaced by buses.  I even cancelled my footy membership because of the difficulty in getting to the ground from the east.  Doesn't matter what time of day, or what day of the week, it's a disaster.  If we could see light at the end of the tunnel, it wouldn't be so bad!
* we need these upgrades and yes they’re a pain but why wasn’t it done when we were in lockdown or when everyone worked from home. It just seems poor planning again
* All brought to you by Big Australia, Big Melbourne via Big Immigration. Not that people want it. Not that it truly adds to Australia's prosperity and thriving. We'd be better off with Small Immigration.
* You can’t go anywhere in Melbourne where there aren’t roadworks of some kind. So you stay home.
* And with our population mare than 5 million it has to be done ....oh how we would be whinging if this Govt was doing nothing ....
* This is no credit to Andrews. They are just doing their job and require no congratulations. They are morally bankrupt and will do the same for the State’s finances.
* I just want this government GONE!
* When can we have more toll roads please? I’m happy to pay more so I don’t have to put up with those who think toll roads should be free. Get out of my way! Make it $40 a day - I’m happy to pay if I don’t have to drive with these people. Labourers, trucks, p-platers. Yobbos - get out of my way please.
* we’ve been suffering roadworks and speed limits of 40km for years, it’s horrendous to get anywhere. Why on a 4 lane freeway is the speed limit 40km on a weekend when there’s no people or roadworks happening??? 
* Rural/Regional Victoria wouldnt mind some big build or roadwork pain...... except the only pain we get, is the being ignored and bone jarring pain from the massively ignored roads and infrastructure we have under Labor!
* As soon as a road is widened its clogged again
* Andrews only knows level crossings 
* A little bit of pain for lots of gain over the years.  I well remember the flack the pollies took when the desal plant was being built but it sure protected the people from extended droughts. Likewise these works will be complained about in the immediate but once completed we will forget that and be so pleased to be able to reap the benefits
* Roadworks including the rail removal throughout Hoppers Crossing are a disgrace. Yet the local MP ‘grandstands’ saying “the crossing has been taken out of Hoppers”. Future growth is not on the agenda when planning infrastructure. The west will always suffer unless a marginal seat so here is the chance to make it one!
* Dan’s costly new infrastructure must be the ugliest constructions Melbourne has ever seen. Unlike Evan Walker’s elegant legacy from the Cain/Kirner Labor governments, Dan will be commemorated by the opposite.
* Melbourne is still shrinking in number. Mass international migration is the only thing that will save it.
* Only time I would go to Melb is to fly out or go to a concert . What a hole
* So the Pakenham train line not working at the same time that the south eastern is heavily restricted due to roadworks and several local, heavily used roads like Clyde rd are closed as well. Any chance we could have staggered the delivery of these projects so that at least one travel option in the Berwick/Pakenham area is half functional?
* All these road works with a gang of about ten in full construction gear - yet only one or two actually working whilst some stand around chatting, some sit in the truck and others chatting on their mobile phones.  The the road lanes are closed off for about 2-3 kms.  Not much work getting done.  But it obviously it is giving Dictator Dan the votes he wants at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers.
* What a legacy Daniel Andrews will leave - no one will ever forget him.
* What's new? Andrew's has been making people's lives a living hell for years. They'll be no end to it until Victorians get rid of him. I might even consider visiting to see what's left when they do.
* Should be calling it a congestion build not a big build because every where you seem to go you can't move.
* All this money for level crossing removals but can’t find any to put towards the Kooyong crossing. But it’s not political according to the alp.
* Melbourne used to be a great place to live.  Now it's a mess and is on its way to being broke as well.
* With all the increased traffic and these works, when are clear way times going to be increased or at least consistency with the times on current clear ways?
* So what exactly WAS the construction industry doing for the last 2 years when they were allowed to work whilst others didn't?
* Andrews BIG DEBT rolls on.
* After Code Brown where is the Big Build for Health & Hospitals? The Big Cement Monument build keeps rolling on. 
* Danny’s “big build” (or should that be “ad box build”?) has been causing pain for years. Few roads left are undrivable! Then again, Danny goes t do anything unless it causes pain!
* It's called the Big Billed, not the Big Build. And regional Victorians don't get to share any of the claimed benefits but we do get to share the costs of course. One upside, just another reason not to go into Melbourne.
* It seems that the projects are very much focused on the metropolitan area, but nothing about upgrading crumbling country roads, upgrading regional rail infrastructure, providing fast and reliable rail services to major regional centres and beyond.
* Nothing new here. When is the Monash EVER free of roadworks?
* Why a problem for commuters? Most CBD workers are “working” from home!
* No public transport for me. Drove they CBD yesterday what chaos it was than finally got into Monash freeway to get to Dandenong. My goodness what an experience that was. From west footscray to Dandenong early 2 hours.
* Typical band aid works at maximum disturbance to make it look like he is actually doing something to improve this once great state that he has brought to its knees! Is there no end to the contempt he has for the people of this state?
* I work from home and get all my groceries delivered, so this doesn't affect me 
* The WG freeway is a nightmare. As for their closures of ramps from the M80 onto the freeway....you have to travel half way around the world to get where you need to go. It is atrocious.
* All this to keep his cronies in work so they vote for him. Oh well Victoria YOU get what you vote for!
* I’ll just work from home. 
* Expect more big build photo opps and tv ads to try to deflect from Labor’s infighting and Covid management stuff ups.
* Who actually thinks it's a good idea to take out both the freeway and the train lines in the same area at the same time? Madness.
* 2 years of lockdown and none of these changes were made then with minimal impact to Victorians as there was no one on the road.
* Talking about Victoria’s road builds with a picture of Sydney traffic, something to look forward to.
* When is the M80 not being worked on?
* The 2 weeks leading up to a state election.
* My wife was my girlfriend 22 years ago when they had roadworks back then as well.
* another three years, and it will require more widening.
* Here is a challenge for Andrews. Announce level crossing removal at High Street Glen Iris. Why is this always missing from your list of congested level crossings? No votes in it?
* 100 % correct.
* Probably not but… there’d still be whingeing about the Andrews government even if he did fix it!
* Nor either of the level crossings in Green voting Flemington, Kensington
* November 26th, 2022....VOTE for the party that will help you.
* it's in a safe Liberal seat
* Go through the Glen Iris railcrossing all the time. Doesn’t take long. Maybe that’s the reason not a high priority?
* Unlimited immigration results in unlimited problems in any number of areas. Perhaps a lot of this work could have been started , if not nearly completed in the world’s longest lockdown. The suffering never ends under Andrews and his minions.
* LNP is just as keen on Big Australia, Big Melbourne as the ALP.
* Trouble I have with all of this infrastructure work is that it is only catching up, it has little capacity to get ahead of the game and cope with future growth. It hit highlights the main problem with current politics - no one has the vision (or is that electrol stomach) to look ahead and build for inevitable growth. We need politicians with the guts to invest in real projects for the next generations, not just ours.
* If an area is projected to have large growth, why can't they upgrade the roads BEFORE the population hits and suffers the pain of roadworks.
* That's why they build two lane (each direction) free ways that main free way bypasses in a growth corridor knowing that in 10-15 years (and that's being generous as it's more 5-10 years) the size will have to be doubled at about quadruple the cost than if they had've built the 4 lanes in each direction in the first place.  Never mind the increased traffic congestion while the additional lanes are built.
* It is more to be seen to be doing rather than actually doing!
* Like the awesome railway network that Labor proposed and was rubbished by the LNP because such an ambitious project would take 50 years?
* Growth is not inevitable. We've had something of a pause - although not as big as headline reports as many there were many returning expats who somewhat made up the reduced migration numbers. If Big Immigration was stopped, Small Immigration instead, we'd be on top of things. But our ALP and LNP both like Big Australia. So to do The Greens, they just won't say so directly.
* Getting rid of railcrossing is brilliant for the future
* Fantastic to see so much progress all around Melbourne! All of these much-needed improvements to our critical infrastructure will be appreciated for generations to come. 
* Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll said the project will “support thousands of jobs at a time (the) economy needs it most” It only support a selected group, which most happen to be the unions who are attached in some way to labor
* if LNP get in they will almost certainly guarantee there will be no works at all! Not under their watch!
* I personally can’t find much benefit for myself from Andrews big spend.
* Work from home - for life..... Couldn't care less.
* Nothing of note being done in rural areas, yet many of the roads are in poor condition.
* But lets force everyone to work in the CBD! No trains, one lane in and out, no parking. I can't wait
* The Dictator - Legacy Projects, Immigration & Unions - his 3 main loves.....after himself
* When regionals in Victoria get the same attention as our fortunate Melbourne metro. Our country roads a a disgusted condition, their that bad Vic Roads are reducing speeds because there unsafe.
* Eight years in power and our roads are still in major chaos and in a major state of disrepair. It has never taken so long to get anywhere in our city. Not uncommon to take two hours to cross the city. All this hype about the ‘big build’ has delivered nothing as yet.
* What's the bet things will go quiet in the lead up to the election? 
* Danny will be missing from our screens. Unions will sing his praises. There will be harmonious unity among his little lemmings. Albanese and his media puppets will attack...attack...attack the federal government. There will be much deflection!
* At the same time we are being encouraged to return to the CBD en masse.
* There is no way I would now bother venturing into the CBD.  The filth, the graffiti, the drunks, the druggies, the homeless, plus all the unnecessary bike lanes - not a good look for what was once "the world's most liveable city" before Daniel Andrews and the ALP Government took office.
* Feels like the civil construction industry is inflated bigger than it needs to be to keep the unions happy. Roadworks are feeling too perpetual in some areas. Is it a bubble waiting to burst? After all, motorists will eventually want long term gain from what is supposed to be just short term pain.
* all this work is designed to make it easier for people like me and you to get around this city easier
* Only if the amount of roadworks going on are eased and traffic is allowed to flow as it should again. Without roads such as the Monash Freeway only getting yet more works in a couple of years that could have been done now or even the last time it had works, which wasn't that long ago. But for that to happen, the industry "bubble" I refer to has to burst, and jobs will be lost. It's a potentially messy situation because roadworks are currently not done with efficient and sensible planning.
* It’s all about jobs for Dan’s union mates leading up to the election …..some of this work could have been done in lockdown . Melbourne the most liveable city ….not if you want to go from one place to another …Roadworks everywhere and it’s our money 💰 .
* Andrews and his bunch of incompetent ministers do not have a clue how to budget, plan or coordinate. This state is a mess because of their useless management over the last few years. Can we please just get rid of them.
* The State of Victoria- the inner city , the outer city suburbs and the CBD - is in the worse shape it’s ever been. Not even organized chaos - just outright Chaos!
* I second that motion
* Dear Government, had it occurred to you to finish one so called ‘freeway’, before the other is started?
* Nothing “free” about any of this
* Or a section of the freeway, then move onto the next rather than the kilometres they shut down all at once to have people only working on one tiny bit at a time?
* What a joke the claim we will complete 11 months of work in 8 weeks. If it can be down in 8 weeks wouldn't that be the plan EVERY TIME. Instead of these projects going on for years and when you drive past the blocked off lanes there is no equipment, no workers, just a traffic problem created for no reason!
* Yes . I agree. Last year we crawled along the Nepean highway where those ghastly new railway crossings were being built ,heading south. One lane , bumper to bumper ,4 pm . on a Monday afternoon - and not ONE worker on site anywhere! A JOKE ‼️
* He'll still pay the unions for 11 months!
* It's badly written however what it should read is the roadworks will be finished 8 weeks from now and has taken a total of 11months.
* I can't spot a single hospital in this BIG BUILD program. Surely, with all the stress we are told our health system is under, would it not make sense to use some of the borrowed money to improve this, rather pouring more down roads, rail and bridges?? Where is the PRIORITY??
* Suburbs with secure votes.
* That's a bit harsh - the 4000 ICU beds are on a road to nowhere!
* A big new shiny hospital, architects approved by Nicholas Reece, of course, on St Kilda Rd. Federally funded, but Dan won’t mention that.
* Dan's Big Build has simply created gridlock across the Greater Melbourne area, huge debt and creative new taxes. Planning must have been done over a few beers.
* What planning?
* Wonder what the budget blowout for all these projects will be?  Also, do we really need more overpriced roads and level crossings? How about directing some of those funds to the crippling health and ambulance system? This state is truly cooked, courtesy of Andrews. November can’t come soon enough to drain the swamp. 
* “Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll said the project will “support thousands of jobs at a time (the) economy needs it most”.” This is simply not true.  There is currently a skilled labour shortage.  
The Government doesn’t need to prime the economy.  Government expenditure could be scaled back so that labour can be freed to use for private investment.
The Government could then reduce debt and be better placed to deliver stimulus the next time we see a significant rise in unemployment. 

Sun.20.2.22 Melbourne 'Herald Sun'.  Mt Buffalo Chalet.  CALEB BOND
THE historic chalet atop Mt Buffalo will become home to a restaurant in a $2m push to revitalise the national park 15 years after it was ravaged by bushfires.
The 110-year-old building — the largest timber building in the country — was closed from 2007 until December, when it was reopened for public tours.
Parks Victoria has now sent an expression of interest document out to the public, looking for someone to establish a restaurant in the chalet in the state’s alpine region.
The national park is currently served only by a small kiosk at Dingo Dell, a toboggan and snow-play area, in winter, and a coffee cart in the carpark.
The chalet was used as tourist accommodation from 1910 to 2006 and new self-contained accommodation was expected to be built by the end of the year.
The new restaurant would accommodate 80 diners and $2m in funding is available from Parks Victoria and Regional Development Victoria to cover upgrades and fitout costs.
According to tender documents, Alpine Shire has had “growth in both the tourism and property markets throughout recent years, and record-breaking visitation to Mount Buffalo National Park during the summer of 2020-21”.
The proposal was among many recommendations made by Alpine Shire Council in a 2018 business case assessment of Mt Buffalo National Park.

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