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Hi Andrew,

It is still GoCard in SE Qld as they are still working on getting other payment systems implemented.



Mick in Brisbane

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I fully agree with you Yuri. One place where I buy coffee when I am out for a stroll lists coffee at $4.50. That will be $4.50 thanks Sir. On the screen is the price of $4.57. An extra 7 cents won't send me to penury, but it is just so annoying. I would think at this cafe 95% of customers pay by card. Make my coffee $4.60 and no surcharge and I will be happy. Of course there are the places where it is impractical to pay by cash such as theatre tickets and airline bookings, so you are charged a booking fee. Being charged extra to book a ticket is weird. How can we see a show or fly if we don't book? It is something our Australian Competition and Consumer Commision really needs to look at.

The issue of visitors to Victoria without a Myki card will be solved if we can soon use a credit card to pay the normal Myki charge for our public transport, as happens in London. No nonsense of an upfront charge for Myki card. No bother about where to find somewhere to buy a Myki upon arrival at Melbourne Airport or So Cross Station. I think our new Vix card reading machines are everywhere now except for the slow roll out on trams.

With a visit to Brisbane and Gold Coast next month and use trains, perhaps buses and Gold Coast trams, perhaps the machines there can read credit/debit cards? If not, it will be a Go Card at the airport.


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At Whiteman Park, we are still in the 20th century with cash only. How hard can it be to get an EFTPOS machine? Allegedly very hard.

Lurching wildly off topic here but you've pushed one of my hot buttons:.

I call BS on that. Stop pandering to old f*rts.

Get a "Square" - contactless payment, flat 1.9% on Visa, MasterCard, Amex so you don't have to discriminate card holders and p*ss them off - bump up your prices by 2% so that there's no aggravating surcharge and the troglodytes that haven't moved into the 21st century can still pay cash. Make payments easy simple and trauma free.

Over here in the east, EVERY stallholder at farmers' markets uses a Square, from the big meat/vege stalls down to the one-table stalls.

Plus much less cash handling with all the security and auditing issues it entails.

Most people don't want to carry cash or don't have enough cash to spend on the merchandise at the gift shop at the end of their visit. Accepting credit card payments means that people will spend more (100% guaranteed because they don't hand over cash) which will only assist the organisation's profit and staying in business a little longer.

A little while ago I ate at a popular restaurant in South Melbourne, At the end of the meal the proprietor presented the bill and then proceeded to say if we want to pay by Visa or Amex there would be a 2% surcharge. I challenged him on it saying "why do you put a <redacted> surcharge on which only annoys people?". He said "I know people don't like a surcharge but about 90% of my my clients pay with credit card so I have to put a surcharge on the menu items.".

Aaargh! You muppet! (I didn't say that to him).

I did say "Put your delicious $26.95 seafood risotto up to $27.50: no-one will notice or even care, and you can get rid of the surcharge that leaves a sour taste at the end of a fine meal and....... bonus you make an extra 2% on the <10% that pay by cash."

People don't know or care about 2%.

</end rant>


(sorry Mal......... but then I'll bet more people use cards at the shop at Hawthorn Museum)