Re: Re: Melbourne's free tram zone - time to go
  Matthew Geier

On Sun, 31 Jul 2022 at 10:24, Daniel Bowen danielbowen@...> wrote:

> Still an issue for those using iPhones, thanks to limitations of the

> current Myki hardware and/or Apple not being cooperative.



Mostly this isn't technical - the iPhone uses standard NFC.

The issue is Apple has cunningly monetized the feature, they get a cut of
every transaction. Someone has to pay that fee..... Also due to this Apple
will not let 3rd party apps talk to the hardware, you have to go through
Apple and have them 'clip the ticket'.
Apple's market share is such that they are one of the few companies that
can dictate terms to the banking cartels - and win.

In Sydney, as they are not emulating Opal, but just doing 'standard EMV
contactless', Apple users CAN tappity tap their iDevices and pay their
fares. Occasionally I see someone using their watch to pay Opal fares.