Re: Re: Melbourne's free tram zone - time to go
  Ron Stux

Better specify that this means an Australian bank issued card. Luckily I
brought a few AUD with me on my trip because it was a surprise to find I
couldn't use my US credit card in the myki machines. No problem purchasing
the card with the initial top-up at the store at Southern Cross station
with my US credit card. But the first time I tried to top up again - oops.



On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 4:17 AM TP historyworks@...> wrote:

> I didn't know that the city circle tram was still running. It's not

> accessible though? Meaning people who can't use stairs have to pay for the

> privilege of riding. Sounds a bit like discrimination to me. Otherwise,

> well yes, wind it back to that until such time as tram capacity has reached

> adequacy through acquisition of a fleet of full-sized 30 metre+ trams. That

> will be in about a hundred years, knowing Melbourne!


> I don't get David's concept of freeloaders. It's a horrible term, accurate

> only for real fare evaders. Scores of cities around the world, including

> Australia, have free central circulator services and it's for good

> reasons. If the operator or agency is providing it for free, then it's not

> freeloading to use it. These free services are often not paid for by

> taxpayers. In Sydney and Perth for example they're funded by parking space

> levies.


> Tony P


> On Thursday, 28 July 2022 at 15:46:15 UTC+10danie...@... wrote:


>> On Thu, 28 Jul 2022 at 14:57, TP histor...@...> wrote:


>>> The interview with Daniel has appeared on the Facebook pages of the Age

>>> and the radio station and the comments on both are overwhelmingly against

>>> canning the FTZ, not that we should entirely go by Facebook comments. Two

>>> of the reasons given are that the free travel encourages economic activity

>>> and tourism in the CBD and that it makes it easier for people from outside

>>> Melbourne to move around the CBD as they typically don't ave Myki cards.

>>> The latter points to a deficiency in the Myki system in that one-off users

>>> can't buy a day ticket from a machine at tram and train stops, unlike in

>>> other states and ACT.



>> Yes. You can buy a Myki card at most CBD tram stops, and load it with a

>> day of fares, but yes it's not exactly easy for a new user.


>> The main reason the opinion piece happened was a discussion around

>> forthcoming upgrades to Myki, which will include options to pay your fare

>> using an iPhone (Android is already possible) or a bank-issued card, which

>> for most new users removes the issue of Myki cards.



>>> For certain, there are two main ways to go. Either cancel the free

>>> travel or build up the fleet to 30 metre trams and closer headways. I think

>>> another interim possibility until tram capacity grows is to just run a

>>> single free loop tram service around the CBD, like the free bus loops in

>>> other cities.



>> Prior to 2015, that's exactly what we had: the free City Circle tram.



>> Daniel


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