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A little bit OT, but in 2017 I did the "Destination Blues" steam train trip from Roma St, City to Beerburrum in the Glasshouse Mountains.
The QR Heritage BB18 1/4 1089 got up to a good speed on the North Coast line, I estimated it at 100-120 kmh so it didn't hold up local electrics.
A link to my short video of "Betty" (1089)

The music was good too, with wandering musicians on the train and bands at the destination.

Mick in chilly Brisbane (2deg this morning)

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On 27/07/2022 17:15, Mark Skinner wrote:
> What can be more enlightened than a historic tram service featuring a

> local composer?


Indeed - and enjoying a local wine during the trip makes it even better.

See attached and

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