Re: Gunzels only
  Mal Rowe

On 27/07/2022 16:49, TP wrote:
> That's a beautiful sight that tram. It would be good to see more of them out and about. I think there's something special about seeing an historic tram running in a contemporary street environment rather than a museum environment. Even better riding it.

Agreed - Bendigo does provide that and so does Christchurch.  In Melbourne it is limited to the City Circle.

> I think there's an attitude issue too. In Europe, many of the operators take pride in running historical trams in with the normal operation. In Australia, the fear of liability takes priority among operators.


It seems that the operation of heritage trams in the street is common where the trams are run by the state and uncommon where it is franchised out to private operators.

Mal Rowe - who enjoyed the heritage trams on regular routes in Lisbon with poles and pantographs.

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