Re: Gunzels only
  Matthew Geier

On 27/7/22 11:24, Jeremy Wainwright wrote:
> Thanks, Matthew, for confirmation that the 'T-collector' that I had

> mentally 'invented' actually exists. Can you name some of the relevant

> enlightened systems?

I first saw it in a video of a Prague heritage tram convoy.

This isn't the video I remember, but it shows vintage trams with the 'T'
adaptor on their poles.

It rather helps that Prague runs unidirectional trams so the 4 wheelers
don't need to 'swing the pole' at termini, as they are all loops.

I've also seen a video of a german city 'vintage festival' with an old 4
wheeler out with the same modification. I do not know who did it first.

The trams that run Prague's regular' heritage service have been modified
with pantographs (and traffic transponders).