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  Andrew Cook

Mal, here's an improved version of the image using the ancient Corel X2 program I have here. Converted to a grayscale image, a couple of doses of moire pattern removal (gets rid of the course half tone screen; probably from a newspaper), a couple of clarifications and sharpenings, and bingo.

Andrew Cook, appreciating the simple Corel off-line software of the past.
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I was looking through a bound volume of the Tramway Record dating from
1931 at Melbourne Tram Museum.

One picture caught my eye - and I attach a not very sharp copy.

Tram 65 is one of the cars built with three entrances on each side -
including a centre entrance.

That centre entrance was latter filled in to make the cars like the more
standard Hobart type.

The other unusual feature is that the bow collector is at one end -
later relocated to the centre.

Mal Rowe - thankful for Ian Cooper's book

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