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Sun.23.1.22 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works), delayed to March 2022.
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works?
Buses replace trains Westall - Pakenham/Cranbourne until the last train of Thu 3 Feb (works).
Buses replace trains Moorabbin - Frankston/Stony Point until the last train (maintenance works). [not repeated: finished early?].
3.41 Lilydale/Belgravelines: Major delays (police in the Box Hill area).
- 4.34 Consider alternative transport. [What exists at this hour?]
- 4.55  A bus may supplement services between Camberwell & Ringwood / Ringwood & Belgrave.
- 5.18 clearing.
16.32 Lilydle/Belgrave/Alamein lines: Trains may arrive/depart from altered platforms between Burnley and Camberwell (a track fault at Hawthorn).
17.50 Werribee/Willamstown lines: Major delays while police attend to a trespasser near Footscray.
- 18.03 ongoing.
- 18.06 Looks like Sunbury services have the all clear - VLine train still sitting stationary on the downside of FSY.
- 18.09 Metropolitan trains through Footscray have stopped (a trespasser).
- 18.16 Police have given the all clear and trains will be on the move soon.
- 18.19 Still major delays , but clearing.
- 20.17 "And stay off the bloody tracks" should always be added!
Sunbury/Craigieburn/Upfield lines: All trains direct to/from Flinders St from 9pm until the last train (maintenance works).  From loop stations, take a train from pfm 2 to Mebourne Southern Cross.

Cases in Victoria People in hospital 1,002 14-day trend 800 1,300
New cases 13,091 14-day trend 13,000 41,000
National vaccine rollout Aged 12 and over 29.5% booster dose92% second dose Aged 5-11 28% first dose

All aboard: Bridging the 480-metre gap between Cross River Rail and passengers. Tony Moore January 23, 2022
Work will begin in March on a pedestrian and cycle bridge linking new Brisbane train stations, the Boggo Road Ecosciences precinct, south-east busway and Princess Alexandra Hospital.
The large 480-metre long cable-stay bridge will help service Princess Alexandra Hospital and Brisbane’s newest high school - the Brisbane South State Secondary College - as part of the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project.
The Queensland Government believes the new bridge, stations and enhanced bus services will make Boggo Road the second busiest public transport centre in Brisbane when Cross River Rail is finished.
A new 480-metre long pedestrian and cycling bridge will link Boggo Road Ecosciences precinct with the south-east busway and the Princess Alexandra Hospital as part of the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project.
Artists’ impressions released this morning show an architecturally designed bridge 20 metres above the ground, 6.25 metres wide and 480 metres long. The peak is 45 metres above ground.
The bridge stretches from Peter Doherty Way at Dutton Park - beside the Queensland government’s Ecosciences Precinct - to the Princess Alexandra Hospital walkway.
The new Brisbane South State Secondary College and the heritage-listed Boggo Road prison are at the top of Peter Doherty Street in Dutton Park, while Stones Corner and Buranda are on the other side of the rail line.
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk released the designs to show how rail, bus and cycling could all benefit from the Cross River Rail project and help create a future jobs hub.
“We’re building Cross River Rail – the largest infrastructure project in Queensland’s history – not just to create jobs - but to make it easier for locals to travel throughout the south-east,” Ms Palaszczuk said.
“Linking our public transport system with the hospital, new high school and the new science and education precinct will make it easier for many people to get to work and access these essential services.”
A new 480-metre long pedestrian and cycling bridge will link Boggo Road Ecosciences precinct with the south-east busway and the Princess Alexandra Hospital as part of the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project.CREDIT:SUPP;LIED
Transport Minister Mark Bailey said the 480-metre bridge would reconnect an area of Brisbane long divided by the rail line.
“This bridge will soar over both the freight and passenger train lines in a real feat of engineering and become a standout signature element for an area that currently divides the community,” Mr Bailey said.
“It will provide faster and more convenient walking and cycling connections, it forms an extension of the local cycle network and improves the connectivity to the PA Hospital’s bus station and the new underground Boggo Road rail station.”
Boggo Road pedestrian and cycling bridge fast facts:
Cost of the new bridge is part of the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project.
It is a cable stay bridge, approximately 480 metres long.
The cable stay spire is approximately 45 metres high.
The main deck level will be about 20 metres above the ground and 6.25 metres wide.
Key features include lifts on the eastern and western sides, dedicated cycling and pedestrian paths, seating and rest stops.
The western entry comes off Peter Doherty Street, with the bridge crossing over the rail line and linking into the existing bikeway near the Princess Alexandra Hospital Busway station.
Source: Cross River Rail Delivery Authority
Planners hope to name the bridge in honour of a significant aspect of the Jagera people’s First Nations culture because the region is in their cultural heartland.
The bridge includes lifts at either end, dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths, seating, shade and rest stops.
Mr Bailey said the new bridge was the next “transformative step” in Brisbane’s Cross River Rail project.
“2021 was full of massive milestones for the project as we completed the year of tunnelling, and we’re continuing that momentum into 2022,” Mr Bailey said.
A new 480-metre long pedestrian and cycling bridge will link Boggo Road Ecosciences precinct with the south-east busway and the Princess Alexandra Hospital as part of the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project.CREDIT:CROSS RIVER RAIL DELIVERY AUTHORITY
“The bridge and the new station it connects to will see Boggo Road become South East Queensland’s second busiest transport interchange, with over 22,000 commuters using the new station each weekday by 2036.
“It will also stimulate the growth of what is already a world-class health, science and education precinct, where thousands of people already work and where thousands of jobs will be created in the future.”
The government’s Greenslopes MP Joe Kelly called on the people of Brisbane to suggest some aspect of Jagera culture to honour in naming the bridge.
“The bridge could be named after somebody local, who has a track record of service and creating community connections, or even someone linked to health, science and education,” Mr Kelly said.
“We would like to take a name that honours the local Jagera First Nations culture.”
RELATED ARTICLE Tai Luong, acting Cross River Rail project director with Cross River Rail Delivery Authority chief executive Graeme Newton look at drawings as the tube to Woolloongabba stretches behind them. Brisbane’s equivalent of New York’s Grand Central Station emerges

Sun.23.1.22 Melbourne 'Herald Sun'.  Trams disrupted.  MITCH RYAN
DEMONSTRATORS once again took to streets of Melbourne to protest the state’s vaccine mandate and pandemic bill on Saturday.
Police estimate 1500 people rallied against the measures, with protesters holding signs calling for Premier Dan Andrews to be jailed and others warning of the coronavirus vaccine’s side effects.
One sign read “Jabs will kill your kid’s future”, another said vaccines were “all risk no gain”.
The rally, which began in the CBD before ending outside of Melbourne Park in the afternoon, caused significant traffic and public transport delays, impacting multiple tram routes in the city.
Passers—by beeped their horns as they drove past the rally in their vehicles, while others berated the protesters.
In contrast to previous anti-vaccine rallies, there was a much stronger presence of United Australia Party supporters, who turned up wearing the party’s bright yellow T-shirts to the march.
Other UAP supporters were seen trying to recruit new party members at the rally.
Victoria Police said no arrests were made.

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