The Camera Never Lies
  Yuri Sos

The camera never lies....... here's rolling billboard D1.3526 in St Kilda Road at the Shrine of Remembrance stop this afternoon. Beautiful sunny afternoon?

Well it was a beautiful sunny afternoon - 100m north and 100m south of my chosen photo location.
I'd been there to capture D2.5002 art tram (actually torn between 2017 near Royal Park or at this location) and had arrived early to get myself organised.
A single black cloud drifted over the sun, a small blasted cloud that somehow got stuck there for a good 10-12 minutes.
Mike and the Mechanics had been singing "All I need is a miracle" as I arrived - however, the tram gods were off duty!

5002 came and went (more of it later) and I turned to leave when I saw a couple of rolling billboards (ie D1s) heading towards the location.

Aargh, what the heck, grab a few photos and see how they come out.

In the olden days when dinosaurs ruled the earth and cameras had this weird plastic stuff called film, I'd have spent HOURS in the darkroom adjusting, dodging, burning, tilting the easel churning through about 10 Cibrachrome 8x10s in an effort to salvage a reasonable picture.

Nowadays 20-30 minutes at a desktop and the use of Photoshop to manipulate an image, you can end up with the image above.

So what did the above image look like, ex-camera?

So the camera still doesn't lie, but perhaps the photographer can "tell porkies"!


(Fittingly, as I drove home the car wireless played "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone......" - Bill Withers)
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