Essendon's art tram for 2022
  Mal Rowe

Essendon's art tram for 2022 was running by me today and I grabbed a few pics in Fletcher St Essendon.

‘Unapologetically Blak’ is the theme for the 2022 Melbourne Art Trams

2017's art is the work of Darcy MConnell / ENOKi - a Yorta Yotra Dja Dja Wurung artist who says:

“To be ‘Unapologetically Blak’ is to have no shame in our identity as Aboriginal people. Us mob struggle with our identity and our place in the community due to colonisation so I wanted to create a piece that would spark a sense of pride within mob to feel seen and to have a reminder that travels across Melbourne so on those days they don’t feel ‘Blak’ enough they can find a sense of pride in my tram design.”

Mal Rowe appreciating the pride.

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