Re: A good day out
  Yuri Sos

On Wed, 8 Jun 2022 12:18:28 +1000, Mal Rowe wrote:

>As a side benefit I managed to grab a pic of one of the latest Art Trams

>- 2012 by Dr Paola Balla (Wemba-Wemba/Gundijtmara). This is the

>Glenhuntly depot art tram.

Amazing....... it bears an uncanny resemblance to B2.2012's 2021 livery released onto the tracks in July 2021.
Artist: Deanne Gilson (Wadawurrung Peoples)
Artwork: Karringalabil Bundjil Murrup, Manna Gum Tree (The Creation Tree of Knowledge)
Tram Routes: 3, 3a, 64 and 67 (Glenhuntly Depot)
Tram Number: B2.2012

As an aside, A1.236 is also still running around with its 2021 art tram livery: seen here at intersection of Collins Street and Harbour Esplanade less than a week ago:

PS chuffed! - this must be the first time in a decade that I've ever been able to turn the table and correct Mal <g!>

PPS. >"Mal Rowe - definitely not reaching Yuri's standard in portraying the art >tram"
Absolutely nothing wrong with that photo BTW - you got it devoid of Ubereats, tired and emotional wanderers
and other assorted pedestrians and e-bikes photobombing at that location; bonus - destination is lit up;
I'd score that photo 10/10.
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