A good day out
  Mal Rowe

Yesterday I participated in a most enjoyable day out with like minded transport aficionados - thanks to Hugh Waldron's careful planning.

We travelled over the new 'skyrail' beside Preston Tramway Workshops, had a good pub lunch and were briefed on the current status of the Melbourne Metrotunnel project.

(There's that M word again!)

As a side benefit I managed to grab a pic of one of the latest Art Trams - 2012 by Dr Paola Balla (Wemba-Wemba/Gundijtmara). This is the Glenhuntly depot art tram.

A further (and OT) side benefit was a visit to the Gaia installation at St Paul's cathedral - a 7m diameter globe made up from satellite images that slowly rotates.

It is awe inspiring.


It's open until July 10th and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone in Melbourne.

Mal Rowe - definitely not reaching Yuri's standard in portraying the art tram

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2012 SwanstonSt 7Jun2022  |  1520W x 971H  | 591.78 KB |  Photo details
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Gaia StPauls 7Jun2022  |  1216W x 1050H  | 388.95 KB |  Photo details