Re: 70 years of an absent head of state
  Dudley Horscroft

now that is what I call an "art" tram.



On 4/06/2022 5:27 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:
> As an Australian, I find it a bit hard to get enthused about a distant

> monarch, but the achievement of QE II to last 70 years in the job is

> remarkable.


> The Queen (as Princess Elizabeth) was supposed to visit Australia in

> 1952, but went home after the South Africa part of the tour when her

> father died suddenly.


> The 1954 Royal Visit was the first time a reigning monarch visited

> Australia and the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board, headed by

> Major General Robert Risson was determined to celebrate the event in

> style.


> The only PCC car was taken off passenger service and adorned with

> celebratory panels.  The attached pic is an MMTB official image.


> The Royal standard is the centre piece with the State of Victoria coat

> of arms at left and the monogram of the Melbourne and Metropolitan

> Tramways Board at right.


> Mal Rowe - occasional passenger on the PCC car