Re: Not COMTA, but may be of interest to Mal
  Mal Rowe

On 06/06/2022 15:08, David McLoughlin wrote:
> I thought of COMTA and Mal when I saw a safety sign on the dash of one

> of the trams, so took the accompanying photo. But on closer looking on

> arrival home, I saw it says Federation of Rail Organisations of NZ,

> not COMTA.  I would have thought the WTM was a member of COMTA?

Yes, WTM is a member of both FRONZ and COTMA.

Their Secretary, Henry Brittain is President of COTMA.

There is no competition between the two bodies.  I think that most of
the NZ heritage tram museums are members of both.

I often point to FRONZ as a model for the emerging heritage rail
coordinating body in Victoria -

Mal Rowe - working towards that emergence