Not COMTA, but may be of interest to Mal
  David McLoughlin

Today being Queen's Birthday Monday in NZ, Judith and I visited the
Wellington Tramway Museum at Paekakariki, north of Wellington, as you do.

I thought of COMTA and Mal when I saw a safety sign on the dash of one of
the trams, so took the accompanying photo. But on closer looking on arrival
home, I saw it says Federation of Rail Organisations of NZ, not COMTA. I
would have thought the WTM was a member of COMTA?

The two trams in the photo on the safety sign are Fiducia trams (the
newest type Wellington had, with the last built in 1952) and they may
actually be in the Constable St on the destination sign of one of them.

The second photo shows a Fiducia tram closest to the camera, with a "Double
Saloon" behind. The latter date from the 1920s and are like a W2 with a
saloon at either end with transverse seating, and seats in the open centre
for smokers, but they don't have a drop-centre.

Wellington's last tram was in 1964, so nothing remotely modern ever ran
here, or anywhere in NZ.

(Lucky Judith, she only recently returned from the tram delights of Sydney,
Canberra and Melbourne).

david mcl.

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Fiducia and Double Saloon trams at Wellington Tramway Museum  |  4000W x 3000H  | 3.01 MB |  Photo details
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Safety sign on Wellington Tramway Museum Fiducia tram  |  4000W x 3000H  | 2.45 MB |  Photo details