Re: Re: Sydney Metro reaffirms safety and reliability
  Matthew Geier

The point of the 'express' trains on my line is not to improve the journey time. The time saving is minimal anyway. Maybe 5 minutes over the entire line length would be saved.

It's to ensure that those to live further out and make longer trips can actually get onto a train instead of waiting for several rammed full trains to go past before they can even get on. (And said trains running nearly empty on the later parts of the after all the shorter distance passengers have alighted). Conversely on the inbound runs in the morning people at the inner stations would find trains rammed to capacity and be unable to board.

If trains ran ever 2.5 minutes and were all stops, there would be complaints from inner suburb passengers about not being able to get into trains in the morning and from outer suburb passengers from not being able to get onto trains in the evening.

All trains all tops isnt some magic formula.

If transport planners keep treating passengers like cattle (standing room only trains and trams) this will not encourage modal shift from private transport. All it will do is ensure that as soon as some one can afford a car (and parking) for it, they switch to personal transport and never come back. Meanwhile increasingly large amounts of our city get given over to supporting road transport (wider roads, larger parking lots)

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