Re: Return of the 'little trams'
  Mal Rowe

On 24/05/2022 11:28, Mal Rowe wrote:
> I have not been all that happy to see many of the route 59 services covered by Z3s, due to the current shortage of Bs available for traffic, but I realised that this temporary state should be documented.


Another pic of a Z3 - 165 running down the boulevard of Canary Island Palms.

Note the pile of sand at the stop in the foreground - the vacuum cleaner truck does not get onto the private right of way.

When I looked at the second pic - of 2125 - I was surprised to see the destination -  via North Melbourne 59a.

A quick check of Yarra Trams Twitter feed from yesterday told me that there was a 'track fault' at Haymarket and the route 59 was diverted via Nth Melbourne.

Mal Rowe - who accidentally caught the moment

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165 MtAlexanderRd 24May2022  |  1050W x 1142H  | 459.26 KB |  Photo details
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2125 MtAlexanderRd 24May2022  |  1667W x 1050H  | 605.39 KB |  Photo details