Return of the 'little trams'
  Mal Rowe

How should one celebrate today - Empire Day?  Probably not at all, as is the current practice.

I decided to take a walk and make a few tram photos.

I have not been all that happy to see many of the route 59 services covered by Z3s, due to the current shortage of Bs available for traffic, but I realised that this temporary state should be documented.

So here are a couple of pics of 143 - firstly heading up the lovely reserved track in North Essendon with the City skyline in the background.

Second pic shows the same car in Fletcher St, heading back to the city about half an hour later.

Mal Rowe - who prefers a B but has had some smooth fast rides in a refurbed Z3 lately

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143 MtAlexanderRd 24May2022  |  1634W x 1050H  | 505.24 KB |  Photo details
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143 FletcherSt 24May2022  |  1618W x 1050H  | 435.17 KB |  Photo details