Re: MetroConnect On Demand trial to cease service
  Matthew Geier

On 13/5/22 14:10, Greg Sutherland wrote:

> Customers can continue to rely on an expansive public transport

> network in the Norwest.


Love the addendum to the cancellation of services notice. We are
terminating the service, but you can rely on the services provided. Some
new definition of 'continue to rely on' ?

I guess you can rely on there being no service ?

The real result is 'this is costing us too much to continue'. If it was
working as well as the hype they would a transitioned the existing
services to a long term contract with out interruption to the end users.

The 'one demand' was a brain explosion from the former minister wasn't
it?. Had some fantastical idea that instead of timetables you would
summon a bus via 'an app'. He had a lot of faith in 'apps', that one.