Re: Autumn in the GTCOTS
  Yuri Sos

Tuesday just gone it was time to top up my medical team's super funds. I'd not bothered taking my camera on previous visits, but what the hell, throw it in the car.

Funding finished, I realised that my medico's Toorak actually provided some nice autumn colours on streets I'd not previously considered photogenic.
And of course it was another of those days that Sydneysiders would reminisce about seeing in the years gone by.

I had considered ducking down to Malvern Road to check out the track relay but as Mal had it covered and it seemed all but finished, I decided to park the car in a side street off Toorak Road and survey the local scene looking for autumnal colour.

E1.6021 has just crossed Orrong Road outbound on a route 58 with St John's of Toorak in the background (a church noted for hosting hatches, matches and dispatches of Melbourne's elites and/or underworld figures):
(2,400 x 1500 pxl; 2.89MB)

Turning around for a going away shot, the colours look great as E1.6021 speeds toward its terminus at Glenferrie Road:
(2,400 x 1500 pxl; 3.04MB)

Normally I shun busy streets as it's all too easy to be photobombed by vehicular traffic. However in this case, a narrow Toorak Road combined with parked cars ensured moving traffic stayed where it belonged - behind public transport: here B2.2028 grinds up the grade away from the Toorak village outbound on route 58, a canopy of gold overhead in an otherwise very busy road:
(2,400 x 1500 pxl; 3.04MB)

Back into my car and down Williams Road, across Malvern Road (yep track work looks finished) and pulled up in Dandenong Road. It looks as though I was a week too late for the best of the autumn foliage, but D13525 glided into the stop at Williams Road past bastardised heritage poles and plane trees having almost lost all their colour... and leaves:
(2,400 x 1500 pxl; 3.57MB)

Heading back along Dandenong Road, I thought I'd try my luck with a parking spot near the Domain Interchange / Anzac station site. The southern part of the site isn't particularly interesting photogenically, but things improved as I walked up St Kilda Road past Albert Road. E2.6067 is on its "presorted track" to turn into Park Street inbound (behind the photographer):
(2,400 x 1500 pxl; 2.08MB)

But what's interesting about the previous photo and the one below is that the framework for the new Domain Interchange is being erected (something that had not been evident in my photos here of the Park Street stop only 4 days previously (D1.3533 outbound on a route 6 Glen Iris service):
(2,400 x 1500 pxl; 1.98MB)

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