Re: Autumn in the GTCOTS
  Yuri Sos

On Mon, 09 May 2022 14:11:13 +1000, Yuri Sos wrote:

>Aaaah, Vault, disparagingly referred to as the "Yellow Peril".

>now resides off Sturt Street South Melbourne

>at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA).

>Must include it in a tram shot.

And I have..... (I was actually out and about at the "missing link" {see other thread} and was working my way down Sturt Street when those messages were posted).

It's now late afternoon and the high rise buildings of Melbourne Square are shading most of Sturt Street but the tram gods saw the photo I was aiming for and lit up Vault for me as Z3.196 sped into frame:
(2,400 x 1500 1.66MB)

As I stood and watched, the tram gods moved the clouds away lighting up the Malthouse Theatre for a stunning portrait of B2.2122 posing for the camera.
Aah gotta love Melbourne in autumn - simply gorgeous clear light with lots of sunshine (Sydney folk, do you remember sunshine? you know, that bright light in a sky not full of water?):
(2,400 x 1500 2.04MB)

Here's B2.2122 (again!) sliding out-of-shot with Vault in the background and the cunningly disguised City Link ventilation stack with its red exoskeleton in the background and the rather sombre exterior of the ACCA visible at right.
(2,400 x 1500 1.66MB)

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