The "Missing Link"
  Yuri Sos

Given that Metro Tunnel was performing evaluation of subsurface utilities in Park Street back in February (TDU 10-02-2022), I thought I'd have a look and record the existing scene in Park Street in that 290m section often called the "missing link".

There are persistent rumours that as part of Metro Tunnel works (?) in that part of South Melbourne the missing link will (finally) be constructed between Kings Way and Heather Street and an east-to-north curve at Park and Clarendon Streets to enable route 5 to be diverted (Malvern to where?) up Clarendon and Spencer Streets.

This is the site of the "missing link": a mere 290m of non-track-laid street. Looking east from the roundabout at intersection of Heather and Park Street, in the distance one can see an inbound B2 on a route 58 service turning from Park Street into Kingsway. In the foreground the tracks curve from Heather Street at left into Park Street carrying route 1 trams between South Melbourne to East Coburg.
(2,400 x 1500 3.36MB)

Still looking east B2.2115 bends around the curve in the roundabout at Heather and Park Streets. I'm impressed. Most of the B2s I saw on this route are spotless.
(2,400 x 1500 2.19MB)

Now looking south-west from Heather Street, Z3.211 is heading for East Coburg:
(2,400 x 1500 2.73MB)

Looking west along Park Street, B2.2122 fills the frame with a tram shot without too much "other stuff"......
(2,400 x 1500 2.31MB)

.... and heads up Park Street towards South Melbourne Beach.
(2,400 x 1500 2.66MB)


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