Re: Autumn in the GTCOTS St Kilda Road at Park Street (cont'd)
  Yuri Sos

Continuing on from previous Park Street post (have had to pull multiple shifts at work due to staff coming down with covid hence delay in following up posts).

The current "Stop 20: Park Street". Z3.158 outbound as B2.2006 inbound.
(2,400 x 1500 2.46MB)

Having completed my coverage of the Park Street stop pre-upgrade, I walked back to my car. The sun was hidden behind clouds but a weird yellow light lit up the scene which made the autumn foliage just SO much golder (is that a word?). Here's an inbound Z3.172 on route 16 in St Kilda Road approaching Dorcas Street with a former tram stop waiting room on the right:
(2,400 x 1500 2.87MB)

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