Re:Autumn in the GTCOTS
  Mal Rowe

On 11/05/2022 20:57, Mick Duncan wrote:
> Wot happened to the brown boxy art piece we called the Coiled Turd in Collins St

> comewhere near Kings St


It's alternative name was "Awakening" and it was made by Clement Meadmore in 1968 to be placed in the forecourt of the St James building on the corner of Bourke St and William St.

It's now at the Tarrawarra Museum of Art - see:

On the subject of modern public sculpture - here's my snap of Vault (dating from 1976) in Grant St South Melbourne - with the obligatory tram in the background in Sturt St.

Mal Rowe - not sure if the 1960s and 70s count as modern.

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