Track issues in Melbourne
  Mal Rowe

On 08/05/2022 13:10, Mal Rowe wrote:
> The strength and finished surface are starting to show some problems.


As promised, I went out to get some pics of some problems with some of Melbourne's tramways renewed using the current technique.

The technique involves concrete to sleeper height, then crushed rock/concrete fill to just below rail height and topping off with bitumen.

It mostly works well, but there are at least a couple of places where problems with the road surface have emerged.

The two attached pics show Bridge Rd Richmond where there is very heavy road traffic.  The use of "Vienna stops" in this location concentrates the motor traffic on the tramway section of the road.  Most motorists avoid going up and over the kerbside lane. It looks like the crushed rock has not been stable enough and the bitumen surface is breaking up. The tramway is fine - just the road surface is failing.

The other location I have noticed problems is in Dawson St Brunswick.  The section of roadway outside the tram rails is quite uneven - driving along it in a car one notices 'long period corrugations' that give a bumpy ride.

Getting the crushed fill to pack down is tricky - the small roller that is used (see: ) is probably not able to do the job properly.

Mal Rowe - grateful to Warren Doubleday for the 'heads up' on Bridge Rd.

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