TramsDownUnder] Re: Alstom Angle Grinder
  Greg Sutherland

TfNSW was not involved in the establishment of the original steam
powered freight line, nor the NSW Tramways loop line construction to and
from Hay Street to the Railway Colonnade..

They were involved from the start in the IWLR from the start and engaged
US multinational consultancy Booz Allen as their expert technical
consultants.  A European multinational consultancy, who included a
Melbourne engineer with experience in the M&MTB's successful Hong Kong
light rail project, were unsuccessful in bidding for the TfNSW project. 
The first of many "Melbourne only does trams" call outs from TfNSW.

The Australian company providing the Variotrams via their Melbourne
facility as part of their supply of fit for purpose vehicles designed
and implement the modifications to take account of the subject curve
problem.  Australian engineer, the late John Dunn was the technical
engineer who oversaw the modifications to the basic ABB Variotram.


On 11/05/2022 9:13 am, David McLoughlin wrote:

> > The line opened in August 1997. Since then it's had one generation

> of Variotrams,


> I forgot to add, I recall reading in this group that the Varoiotrams

> were redesigned specially to cope with the profiles of that curve. If

> I recollect correctly, the tram operator was advised of the need for

> modifications and listened to the advice.... I recall the advice even

> came from members of this grouo.


> TfNSW was not involved in the establishment of that original line and

> only became the owner when Gladys (bless her) succeeded in making a

> start on the new George Street lines. It was thus unable to stuff it

> up from the beginning. I presume TfNSW had a similar contempt for

> that  original line as it had/has for the George Street lines.


> David McL.