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Mon.3.1.22 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works). [no reopening has been announced yet]
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
Mernda/Hurstbridge lines: Buses replace trains Parliament - Reservoir/Heidelberg until the last train of Sun 9 Jan (works).
New Year's Day Public Holiday: Metropolitan trains will run to a to a Saturday timetable. Night Network services will not run tonight.
5.09 Frankston line: Buses replace trains Moorabbin — Mordialloc (an overhead power fault near Southland). Buses have been ordered, ETA 60min. Consider alternatives.
- 6.16 Trains resume, with minor delays.
13.28 Sunbury line: Major delays (a train fault near Sydenham Watergardens). Trains in the area will remain at platforms.
- 13.45 Consider alternatives for local trips Sunshine - Sunbury.
- 15.04 clearing.
Buses replace trains South Yarra - Sandringham from 20.15 until the last train (maintenance works).
Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Upfield from 20.35 until the last train (maintenance works).
Sunbury line: Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Sunshine from 20.35 until the last train (maintenance works).
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: All trains will terminate/originate at Caulfield from 21.00 until the last train (works).  Change to/from a Frankston train.
Werribee/Craigieburn lines: All trains terminate/originate at Southern Cross from 21.00 until the last train (works).  From loop stations, take a city-circle bus to Southern Cross.  Buses replace Upfield and Sunbury trains during this time.

Airport Rail Link fares could be similar to SkyBus, modelling suggests. Cassandra Morgan January 3, 2022
Passengers on the Melbourne Airport Rail Link could expect to pay a similar fare to those offered by SkyBus and other airport rail services in Australia.
Sample fare structures modelled as part of economic analysis for the long-awaited service, which is set to cost up to $13 billion, take into account the price of a comparable city-airport SkyBus ticket.
An image of part of the Melbourne Airport Rail project, released by the state government earlier this year. CREDIT:RAIL PROJECTS VICTORIA
A Skybus fare from the city centre to Melbourne Airport costs $19.75 for an adult one-way, and $32 for a return trip. From Southbank to the airport, tickets are going for the same price one-way, or $36.50 for a return trip.
While ultimate ticket prices will be up to a future government, fares on the airport rail link are also expected to be comparable to other airport services across Australia, according to the Andrews government.
The Sydney Airport rail line sets adults back $18.79 to travel in from the city during peak periods, and children $15.37. In off-peak periods, the cost for an adult drops by about $1, with the “gate pass” component of the ticket making up $15.13.
Herald Sun, citing a business case, reported Victorians would face an $18 surcharge to travel on the Melbourne Airport Rail Link. If added to the two-hour myki fare, the maximum cost for people to get to the airport would be $22.50.
Authorities are also considering special fares for groups or airport workers travelling on the Melbourne line.
Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan said while ticket prices were yet to be finalised, “it is important that we provide a frequent, affordable and accessible airport rail service for all Victorians and visitors to the state”.
“Melbourne Airport Rail will change the way passengers move to and from the airport forever, with direct trips of around 30 minutes to the heart of the CBD and easy connections to key services and our growing regions – and with SRL [Suburban Rail Loop] North delivered, passengers will have another direct rail service to the airport,” Ms Allan said.
Monash University public transport expert Professor Graham Currie said that if the surcharge for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link came to $18, that would be “quite reasonable”.
“Sydney Airport, the access charge there is $15, but it’s only 10 kilometres out of the city and Melbourne Airport is 20 kilometres out of the city,” he told 3AW on Monday. “So, $18 is not too bad, if you ask me.”
Professor Currie said even with an $18 surcharge, the line would still be substantially cheaper than a taxi fare or parking.
SkyBus would still be competitive given it could sometimes run services to the airport in fewer than 30 minutes, he said.
Public Transport Users Association spokesman Daniel Bowen told 3AW the potential $18 surcharge was a “pretty competitive fare” for singles.
On the other hand, if you’re travelling in a group, then it adds up pretty quickly. And that may have people discouraged from using the service,” he said. “So I think they really need to be really careful to make sure it’s competitive with other modes to get people on board.”
Along with the Andrews government, the Morrison government has committed $5 billion to the Melbourne Airport Rail Link.
RELATED ARTICLE Ministers Jacinta Allan and Paul Fletcher unveiled the first images of the new rail bridge to form part of the Melbourne Airport Rail project.  First airport rail images released, as long-delayed project inches closer
* What a disappointment. Public infrastructure at privateer prices … again. We aren’t going to pay a surcharge for metro rail are we? Why isn’t airport rail added into the suburban network at Myki fare prices too?
* how much does a cab cost from the city. seems fairly reasonable to me. sydney the rail is too dear. esp if more than one person. its chaeper to get a cab thats drops you off at where staying.
* $18 is cheaper for a single person on a business trip but once there is two or more, such as family members going on holiday, Uber is far cheaper.
* Many / most potential passengers will also need to add the $6 myki card purchase price on top of the fares. So a sinle one way or return fare will be very expensive.
* What a joke this airport rail has become. The route is hopeless - it will take longer than necessary and the bus may well be quicker. As for the fare, so much for the idea that it would be included in a 2-hr Myki fare. Surprised to hear the "experts" say $18 or whatever is reasonable; just because it is comparable to Skybus does not make it reasonable! Yes another Victorian public transport failure.
* For a family, a taxi would be significantly cheaper. Nobody would take the train. For comparison, Singapore's Changi airport, a train trip cost max of $2 to almost anywhere on the island. Perhaps you should be following that model.
* All we ever do is talk about this. Forget the fares, just get on with getting it built. We could have built it years ago for a fraction of the cost. Lack of foresight and planning as usual. If we get the Chinese in to build it for us, it will be finished and running in 2023, not 2050 if we try to do ourselves.
* This thing will take another 20 years to be built.
* I would rather go on Sky Bus!
* Either the price is included in your Myki fare of $2.50. Or don't build it. We already have Skybus at the same price as is being proposed.
* I am sure the VIC government will be able to finish this project by 2100.
* The fare is to be expected.
The journey time is appalling - why on earth are we to have just another suburban train to take us to the airport? In Sydney it is ok, because the journey is short. In Brisbane it is not ok, because the journey is longer. Why can we not have a fast train to the airport?
Of course, why can we not have fast trains to Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo? (They don't need to be VERY fast trains, just fast trains - Geelong in 30 mins, Ballareat and Bendigo in 45 mins)
It is, I'm afraid, a joke!
* I love Skybus they take me to my terminal and they are really helpful with luggage.
* I guess it was too much to hope for that it would just be a Zone 2 Myki.
* the prices will never be competitive as the various parties involved either dont want it to be ie skybus or the developers want their pound of flesh paid off in as few years as possible. and the prices may be similar in australia but try comparing it to real cities that have a constant better cheaper service, ie vancouver $9.35 concession $8. Hong Kong the train cost 11.50euro. Narita to tokyo 64km and is around #1200 yen or about $16 AUD
If you have a family with 2 kids and 2 adults here it would be cheaper to take a taxi. or uber!
* Why bother?  Catch the train to Broady .... Change to the 901 bus at the station ... Drops you off under cover. There is a CDC from Airport West that goes direct.
* They have been talking about it since 1958, and still no start or finish date. Let's wait until it ACTUALLY gets built before getting too excited.
* Hopefully they will get on and build this now. How is a price of $18 even a news story?
* I'm 57 and will be dead before there is a rail line from Tullermarine to Melbourne CBD. Please stop reporting on this rubbish.
[There is a strange attitude in English-speaking countries that airport fares have to be at ripoff levels.  This dates from the era of Benson & Hedges gold cigarettes, distributed only to first-class passengers on BOAC.  An airport is just another traffic point, like a football stadium, or a shopping centre with restaurants, or a university, or a racecourse.  Victoria has fallen for the NSW and Qld disease: ordinary service at premium fares.  There are airports with premium service at premium fares (of which London Heathrow is the worst).  There are airports with ordinary service at ordinary fares.  Perth has promised that.
Using existing infrastructure, Melbourne could have had airport trains from Southern Cross to Sunshine express in 13 min, then on new track to the airport in 9 min: 22 minutes, and with dedicated rollingstock.]

Fast trains and national fleet central to Albanese’s election vision. Andrew Tillett Jan 3, 2022
Anthony Albanese is attempting to dispel criticism Labor is running a small target campaign strategy, making the deliberate decision to release two policies in two days as he targets a swag of marginal seats in the NSW Hunter Valley and Central Coast.
The Opposition Leader will also head to the crucial battleground of Queensland on Friday, where Labor needs to make inroads if it is to form a majority government at the next election, expected in either March or May.

<www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/18-surcharge-for-melbourne-airport-rail-link-passengers-03012022/audio/07131642b2b06df3b34b7d1459832c64 podcast>

Travellers face special fee on Melbourne Airport Rail Link. Matt Johnston January 3, 2022 428 comments [mixed: sniping and falling for the propaganda]
The documents reveal the additional fee passengers could pay on top of their myki fare to travel on the long-awaited Melbourne Airport Rail Link.
video: Airport rail could be jewel in Victoria's recovery crown Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he has had talks with the Prime Minister on the Melbourne Airport Rail Link which could be part of the infrastructure projects fast-tracked as the economy recovers from the coronavirus. Courtesy Seven News
Passengers on the long-awaited Melbourne Airport Rail Link face a special $18 surcharge to catch the train to Tullamarine.
The Herald Sun can reveal the project’s secret business case, which is yet to be ­released, uses the fee in its analysis of operating costs.
If added to the price of a two-hour myki fare, the most adults would pay to get to the airport via public transport from anywhere in Melbourne would be $22.50.
Herald Sun can also ­reveal that group discounts – such as family passes – and special fares for airport workers are being considered as part of the rail plan.
The Andrews government said ticketing was “still being ­finalised” and it would be a matter for future governments to decide how a surcharge would link with myki fares.
State and federal governments have committed $5bn each to fund the mega-link, which is set to cost at least $10bn and be built by the end of this decade.
Once opened, it would pave the way for 30-minute trips from the heart of the CBD to the airport, with services every 10 minutes.
The most adults would pay to get to the airport via public transport from anywhere in Melbourne would be $22.50.
It is understood the business case for the project is close to being released, and several packages of work to build the link are already out to market.
Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan said the details of how much customers would be charged for a ticket on the new trains were being worked through but would ­ensure an affordable trip.
“Ticketing is still to be finalised, however, it is important that we provide a frequent, ­affordable and accessible airport rail service for all Victorians and visitors to the state,” she said.
“Melbourne Airport Rail will change the way passengers move to and from the airport forever, with direct trips of around 30 minutes to the heart of the CBD and easy connections to key services and our growing regions.”
The surcharge figure is buried in a report by consultant KPMG for the government’s $34.5bn Suburban Rail Loop, which modelled demand for travel between Cheltenham and the airport on a planned orbital route.
Plans showing the route of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link.
“As assumed by the MAR Business Case, there will be an $18 surcharge for passengers boarding and alighting SRL … at Melbourne Airport,” it says.
“Transferring passengers between SRL-Cheltenham to Airport and MAR (Melbourne Airport Rail) will not be subject to this surcharge.”
The surcharge is slightly higher than the $15 to access Sydney’s airport by rail – ­although the Melbourne link won’t open until the end of this decade – and similar to the cost of Skybus.
At the moment, Skybus costs $19.75 for a one-way adult trip to the airport, or $32 for a return journey.
The cost of getting to Southern Cross is additional, with a two-hour myki fare costing $4.50 for an adult.
Sydney fares rise and fall depending on the hour of the journey, but in peak traffic the cost between the airport and Circular Quay is $18.79 – ­including a $15.13 fee for “airport access”.
Melbourne link won’t open until the end of this decade.
Several sample fare structures were modelled in the Melbourne Airport Rail Link business case, which the government told the Herald Sun were considered “operational costs and the price of a comparable city-airport Skybus ticket”.
Melbourne is one of just 18 cities in the busiest 100 airports across the world without a rail link. This has resulted in 90 per cent of airport users travelling to Tullamarine by private ­vehicle, choking freeways.NUMBERS YOU NEED TO KNOW
Cost: at least $10bn
Completed: 2029
30-minute trips from CBD to Tullamarine
Services every 10 minutes
Proposed $18 surcharge for travel
Link will run via the Metro Tunnel and an upgraded Sunshine station
More Coverage
New details of airport rail link revealed
The government says the final ticket price is “expected to be comparable to other airport rail services operating across Australia”.
[Victoria copies the NSW and Qld disasters: ripoff fares for ordinary service.
There is a strange culture in English-speaking nations that airport trains should charge such fares.  There are airports with premium service at premium fares; there are airports with ordinary service at ordinary fares.  Labor has picked the worst hybrid.
An airport is just another traffic point, just like a football stadium, or a retail precinct, or a racecourse, a beach or a university.
WA has promised that.]

Mon.3.1.22 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Airport line:
Theproposed Melbourne Airport Rail Link is one of this state’s most anticipated major projects.
It has been spoken about for decades, and is not due to open for almost another decade, but it is vital we get this project right.
A key part of that will be ensuring fair and reasonable ticket prices for passengers.
As revealed in today’s Herald Sun, the project’s secret business case suggests a special surcharge, which when added to the cost of a normal two-hour myki would see adults pay $22.50 to travel to the airport from anywhere in Melbourne.
There would be group discounts, such as family passes, and special deals for airport workers.
This appears to be a reasonable price. It is slightly higher than the current cost of riding Sydney’s airport rail, but that fee would be expected to increase in the years before
Melbourne’s train line opens. Importantly, future governments must ensure ticket prices remain competitive, and should increase only at CPI.
No doubt the airport rail link could significantly improve accessibility to Melbourne, for those who live here and for visitors.
But the project risks becoming a white elephant if it is too expensive and therefore unusable for a great proportion of people. Of course, work on the $1Obn project has not started yet, and anything could happen in the eight years or so that it will take to build it.
It is heartening to see the state and federal governments co-operating to deliver the airport link, but it still beggars belief that a project spoken about for decades should take this long to come to fruition.
It also beggars belief that for such an important project, details of how much a ticket could cost are not being spoken about openly.
Instead the Herald Sun has uncovered the proposed pricing structure buried in a consultants’ report for the Andrews government’s Suburban Rail Loop plan.
A business case for the airport link is not far off but is yet to be released.
Both the airport rail link and the Suburban Rail Loop are monumental projects, and Victorians deserve transparency when it comes to how much they will cost to build, who will build them and how long construction will take.
Simply put, these projects are too important to get wrong.
The chance of getting it right only increases if Victorians are involved in critical planning discussions, so the state government should actively encourage those conversations rather than keep them secret.

Mon.3.1.22 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Letters:
* I SAW two men urinating on our beautiful Flinders Street Station the other night. My heart breaks for what our city has become.

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