Re: Autumn in the GTCOTS St Kilda Road at Park Street

Here's a view from the 6th floor of the apartment block that features in the first two photos.

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Continuing on from South Melbourne, I thought I'd have a look at the Park Street / St Kilda Road intersection to see what part of Park Street interchange is to be upgraded.  The clouds would continue to threaten all day. 

Standing at the intersection of Park Street and St Kilda Road, I noted that the acoustic shed had been removed and there was considerable activity in this northern part of the forthcoming Anzac station precinct.  Here's D2.5006 heading for Glen Iris on an route 6 service on the deviated tracks that were relocated westwards when the former Domain interchange and junction to Domain Road were demolished.  The curving tracks in the foreground form the line into Park Street, the inbound track's junction points out of sight in the background allowing for presorting well before the intersection.  In the background is "The Domain"  apartment building.
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Same location, Z3.145 on a route 58 Toorak service swings on to St Kilda Road from Park Street.  To the left of "The Domain" is the "Botanica" apartment building and the blue-green building at right is "The Emerald" apartments.  These high-rise apartment buildings replaced hundred year-old stately mansions that used to line St Kilda Road that were obviously out of date and stood in the way of modernisation and developers' need for profits.  The deviation around the Anzac station worksite is clearly visible.
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Z3.213 turns into Park Street heading for West Coburg on a route 58 service past "The Hallmark" apartment building (there must be a special cheap deal on blue glass as just about every new high rise is just blue glass - or are Melbourne's architects so devoid of imagination that it's their standard go-to? I suppose it's better that the faeces brown-glass that passes for gold on the Southbank high rises):
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Ok, I've been lurching dangerously off-topic with my rants so it's back to trams.  Last year a "well-meaning" person opined that there was too much "other stuff" in my tram shots and that tram shots should be of trams (as long as they're not 3/4 side-on ones >g!>.  I think I've ticked all the boxes here: three trams occupying pretty well the whole frame and none 3/4 side-on.  Z3.180 outbound on an East Malvern route 3 service is in the background and is followed by B2.2089 on an East Brighton route 64 service just as class leader D1.3501 heads CBD-bound and beyond to Moreland (named after a Jamaican slave estate) on a route 6 service:
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Now standing at the outbound side of Stop 20: Park Street.  B2.2129 is inbound on St Kilda Road on a route 67 Melbourne University service, crossing over the tracks into Park Street:
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