Re: Vic Gov Tram Network Upgrades Announced
  Mal Rowe

On 05/05/2022 22:09, Andrew C wrote:
> I can't see any rebuilding at Park Street. I think the stop as it is now will be removed. There will be a tram stop Metro Tunnel interchange on the southern side of Park Street and this will come out of the Metro Tunnel budget surely.


Hi Andrew,

I may have got my memories wrong about another temporary diversion, but there will certainly be a fairly complex layout just north of Anzac station.

I have attached a landscape concept drawing from a few years back showing a layout with connections to *BOTH *Domain Rd and Toorak Rd West.

I would assume that only one of those will be implemented, but even with one of them deleted the layout will chew up a lot of $ - and who knows what account the accountants will charge?

Mal Rowe - looking forward to some interesting pics!

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