Re: Malvern Rd track relay
  Mal Rowe

On 04/05/2022 16:43, Mal Rowe wrote:
> I did go and take a look today.


Here are a couple more pics from Wednesday.

After the rail is attached to sleepers with Pandrol clips, levelled and concreted it is then filled to just below rail height with crushed rock / recycled concrete.

The final topping is a seal of bitumen.

These two stages are relatively time consuming because of the need to use small rollers between the rails.

Having said that, nearly a mile of track was virtually finished on Wednesday after 5 days occupation.

Mal Rowe - who has some concerns about this method where there is heavy motor traffic.

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Fill MalvernRd 4May2022  |  1612W x 1050H  | 645.7 KB |  Photo details
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Seal MalvernRd 4May2022  |  1575W x 1050H  | 457.75 KB |  Photo details