Re: Autumn in the GTCOTS
  Steven Altham

Yuri what does GTCOTS stand for? could be Great city of trams ?

On Fri, 6 May 2022, 2:44 pm Yuri Sos, trams4me@...> wrote:

> I needed to hit the shops this morning but ended up staying out a lot

> longer than I anticipated. The camera was in the car but the clouds

> scudding across the sky made me pessimistic that I'd get anything

> worthwhile. I've been meaning to shoot this spot for months and a patch of

> sunlight appeared as I pulled up at a former Chemist Warehouse location

> (who had relocated, but I fortuitously didn't know or I wouldn't have seen

> this scene).


> I quickly changed to my superwide zoom and waited, stressing out that the

> clouds would block out the sun. The tram gods smiled on me again as

> B2.2128 slid into frame with the dramatic and ominous clouds a magnificent

> backdrop to the skyline as seen from the south side of the CBD:




> (2,400 x 1500 1.78MB)


> Yuri.

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