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  Peter Bruce

I was on the taxi rank at the left hand kerb probably just behind that
old car is in the '20s shot likely reading the paper and I heard a
truck approaching, the unmistakeable bouncing, rattling sound of an empty
container on a skeleton trailer. Thinks "Bet he hits the bridge". Sure
enough and the trailer came away from the turntable and slewed across the
down tram line and collided with a car coming the other way. It could have
been a tram, doesn't bear thinking about. Seen the results of a few more
including an ex Pommy decker on the way back from the Cup. Maybe the big
yellow beam helps but they are still hitting it.

Regards to all,

Peter Bruce.

On Sun, 16 Jan 2022 at 16:20, Andrew Cook D3619@...> wrote:

> Here's an interesting comparison; just add nearly 100 years! W 324 at the

> Newmarket railway bridge in the 1920s and Z3 130 at the same location in

> 2020. Think the Z3 shot is by Mal R. and the W class shot is courtesy of

> the Public Records Office, North Melbourne (formerly the Victorian

> Government Printing Office). Note both shots have persons standing on the

> road--in the 1920s an intending tram passenger and in the 2020 shot,

> waiting for the tram and horrendous road traffic to clear before getting

> across the busy Racecourse Road. The railway bridge is infamous for being

> continually struck by over-height trucks (there was one the other day!).

> Also of note is the billboard at right advertising Lifeguard (soap?) in the

> 1920s, which in 2020 has been enlarged and advises to get tested for you

> know what (if you can) and, spray cans weren't around in the 1920s! One

> improvement in 2020 appears to be the restoration of the hotel behind the

> railway--it seems to be a tad 'grotty' in the 1920s.


> Cheers,

> Andrew Cook (interested in comparisons).


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