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  Mal Rowe

On 16/01/2022 16:20, Andrew Cook wrote:
> Here's an interesting comparison; just add nearly 100 years! W 324 at the Newmarket railway bridge in the 1920s and Z3 130 at the same location in 2020. Think the Z3 shot is by Mal R. and the W class shot is courtesy of the Public Records Office,

Here's an earlier shot - probably from NMET&LCo days.

The pic is from Ron Scholten's collection and shows the original centre poles in the Newmarket shopping strip.

The Doutta Galla hotel is alive and well - the local population has changed from workers at the stock saleyards to trendy inner city residents including my daughter.

The pub dates from 1888 and is named after the first nations people that John Batman signed his notorious 'treaty' with.

Mal Rowe

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