RE: Tram parade reprise
  Bill Johnson

I think (?) I was there that day, certainly a bright happy occasion. At the end I somehow found myself on either 2000 or 2001 and suddenly at high speed was whisked off to Brunswick Depot – or chucked out one stop before, the sole ‘passenger’ On the way the driver sang loudly in excellent baritone.. My hesitancy is perhaps there were two such days and I might have confused them. Anyway, the one with the then new B.

Bill J

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That day I was a conny on S-class tram tram 164 , Ron Scholten was the driver.

They had a big coverage about the parade on channel 9 ( or 7?) 7pm news.

Next day at the depot several staff members asked for my autograph because I featured prominently, beeing filmed on the running board when the tram crossed Flinders Street.

Cheers, Olaf