Re: Me shot, E shot
  Mal Rowe

On 12/01/2022 23:22, Yuri Sos wrote:
> A visit to the City this afternoon for another round of shots, no not for Rona.


> Final shot for the day as E2.6067 swings onto Flemington Road the imposing Peter Mac hospital in the background:


> {2,000 x 1,1125 pxl; 1.40MB}

Nice work Yuri.

If you are out an about again, you have a few more days to get some shots of the Es running down Flemington Rd to shunt at Racecourse Rd.

I attach a couple of samples ... including one with another angle of the Peter Mac.

Mal Rowe - looking forward to getting his tram service back

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6083 FlemingtonRd 3Jan2022  |  1595W x 1050H  | 482.56 KB |  Photo details
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6065 FlemingtonRd 3Jan2022  |  1488W x 1050H  | 405.54 KB |  Photo details