Me shot, E shot
  Yuri Sos

A visit to the City this afternoon for another round of shots, no not for Rona.

On my way I shot E2.6069 on an inbound route 58a service turning from Flemington Road into Peel Street at the Haymarket:
{2,000 x 1,1125 pxl; 1.99MB}

As E2.6069 crested the peak in Peel Street and clattered over the crossover, the avenue of green poplars and the heritage overhead poles framed the departing tram nicely:
{2,000 x 1,1125 pxl; 2.07MB}

Off for my next round of "shots" but walking back to my car back about an hour later, "2B and not 2E" - no, no that's not how the quote goes, but a bit of serendipity nevertheless.
As I aimed my camera at class tailender E2.6100 and E2.6067, both B2.2060 and B2.2025 joined in for a quadrella, the Bs highlighting their altered destinations due to track replacement works further out in Mount Alexander Road (I was not expecting this to be a keeper and turn out as well as it did in focus and both destos lit up - the tram gods had taken pity on me!):
{2,000 x 1,1125 pxl; 1.13MB}

Route 58 is now dominated by E class as E2.6100 and E2.6067 pause at the Peel Street / Haymarket stop:
{2,000 x 1,1125 pxl; 1.50MB}

Final shot for the day as E2.6067 swings onto Flemington Road the imposing Peter Mac hospital in the background:
{2,000 x 1,1125 pxl; 1.40MB}


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