Re: Re: Essendon depot to be isolated for two weeks
  Mal Rowe

The intersection of Ormond Rd / Maribyrnong Rd with Mt Alexander Rd is open as planned and the tracks north of that intersection is paved.

At the other end of the works, the rails are in place to Mooltan St - pic attached.

For those with an eye for history, the original route of the Maribyrnong River route branched off and turned left into Victoria St between the old pub and the polychrome two storey shops at left.

While the renewal project is going well to schedule,  Yarra Trams have failed on public advice and planning for people planning journeys by road or other public transport.

First of all the advertising campaign was very last minute - and the advice was wrong.

They announced that trams would run on the northern section of route 58, then bustituted after one day.

They also advised that the Mooltan St / Mt Alexander Rd would be open for traffic using Mt Rd south of the intersection - it's not.

Mal Rowe - who travelled in both directions in Mooltan St this afternoon.

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