Re: ARHS Bookshops Central Station Sydney was FW: cATCHIMG UP
  David McLoughlin

JWW wrote:

> it is/was available from The Railfan Shop (ARE, Melbourne) and the

ARHSnsw Bookshop in Sydney.

Is this bookshop once again open in the concourse at Sydney Central
Station? I always visited there when in Sydney, then a few years back it
vanished, banished to the suburbs somewhere. On my last visit, last June
(when transTasman travel was allowed for about two weeks, so I raced over
to ride the new tram lines for the first time) the bookshop was still
absent at Central. But googling it just now seems to suggest it has
reopened. The Facebook page also claims it is there:

> Australian Railway Historical Society Bookshops are located in Located at

Central Station on the Grand Concourse and in the the inner Sydney city
suburb of Alexandria. Or you can visit our website and purchase available
products through our online shopping facilities.

The Online outlet is closed for maintenance, it claims when I click on it.
See the bottom of this link, which also mentions a reopening at Central:

david mcl (NZ)