Arthur Stone

G'day to all at TDU, and a belated happy new year to you all. I don't get
to post very often having my few photographs shown many moons ago. I do
however log on every morning without fail to appreciate all that get posted
the previous day. I have not been anywhere near the city for about 25 years
now and your posts help keep me in touch. I guess by looking at the names I
can put faces to, that you are like me, putting on the years and starting to
be senior citizens. Oh how the years fly by. I cut my tram lovers teeth on
the Sandy to Black Rock VR trams in the 50s and wish I had taken more photos
at the time. Had a few tours with the TMsv and Guess that the ZI was the
most modern tram I have travelled on. Have tried all the newsagents in
the district for my 2022 Y tram calendar, and not one has seen it. Perhaps
it was not printed this year. The wall looks bare without it. Anyway guys, I
am still watching and appreciating all your posts. Thank you all very

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