Re: Essendon depot to be isolated for two weeks
  Mal Rowe

Work is progressing well on the Mt Alexander Rd tramway renewal.

The section of track between Moonee Ponds Junction and Sydney St has rail in place - pic attached.   This involves renewal of about 750m of track.

The view looks north to Moonee Ponds Junction.  The pile of fill marks where the last track renewal ended.

The intersection of Mt Alexander Rd with Ormond Rd / Maribyrnong Rd is due to reopen at 5am on Saturday.

At the depot the new fan for roads 1 to 3 is in, as is the main track feeding the fan. Another pic attached.

The third pic looks south from a few 10s of metres south of the depot and towards Mooltan St.  That part of the work involves about 700m and is just beginning.

Mal Rowe - watching Fulton Hogan have a smashing time.

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MtAlexanderRd-towards-junction 6Jan2022  |  1473W x 1050H  | 433.66 KB |  Photo details
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Essendon-depot-entrance 6Jan2022  |  1576W x 1050H  | 482.54 KB |  Photo details
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MtAlexanderRd towards MooltanSt 6Jan2022  |  1693W x 1050H  | 497.62 KB |  Photo details